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Projects, gadgets, any other portable goodies you'd like to show/demo to fellow Campers.

Laptop, tablet, and/or smartphone (don't forget your power supply)

Musical instruments and banjos, if you'd like to play with others

Clothing layers-–California summers can be sunny and hot or foggy and cool, usually on the same day. The evenings become quite cool, so jackets and even warn hats are recommended.

Games. There will always be a game of Werewolf to be found, but other board and card games are also welcome.

Adult beverages. We'll provide beer and wine at dinner. If you'd like more cheer than that, bring your own. Please keep moderation in mind, as the goal is to interact with others, rather than stumble into them.

If you're camping:

Note to returning Campers--indoor camping space is more limited than ever, so please plan accordingly.

Sleeping bag, pillow, foam or inflatable mattress

Tent, if you're sleeping outside



Earplugs, especially if you're camping outdoors

O'Reilly will be supplying towels, but you may want to bring your own, as well.

Things to give away

Got any new-but-useless swag you'd like to pass on to someone who'd appreciate more than you do? We'll have a Free Box, so bring along your donations.

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