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Friday Eve:


Saturday Morn:

Notes from an overview of MOOs from founders/professors behind Coursera and Udacity, plus questions and discussions from attendees.
Notes from session led by Nat Torkington discussing education and what's wrong with it.
Links and notes from a discussion of what's wrong with college, and a proposal for a radical redesign.
Notes, best practices and hands-on advice from the trenches of organizing events and conferences
-- Peter Bihr

Saturday Post Lunch:

Notes from session led by Lighttable co-founder on what we need from developer tools to be more productive programmers.
Notes from talk by Cody lead, based on slides he presented and questions we asked.
Notes from discussion on education credentials: why we have them, what they might evolve into.

Saturday Post Break:

Links and notes on tools for graphing and data visualization from the session at 3:30pm on Saturday

Saturday Eve:


Where robotics is now, where it's going, implications for society
-- Gary Bradski
Peter Bihr's blog post about the session.
-- Sean Follmer & Jennifer Jacobs
Pamela Fox's blog post inspired by the session.
Photo of the whiteboard


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