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Let your fellow Campers know if you need a ride or would like to carpool from SFO, OAK, Bay Area locations, or anywhere else. Please provide your name and contact info plus desired pickup location and time. Keep an eye on Rides Offered.

- Bel Pesce (isabelpesce@gmail.com) is leaving from Palo Alto, and would love to share a ride with other South Bay Foo Campers.

    • If anyone needs a car to get up there, I'd encourage you to check out RelayRides, p2p carsharing, to rent a car from a neighbor. Give me a shout if you do and I'll toss you a bit of driving credit! -Shelby, Founder of RelayRides (shelby@relayrides.com)

- Nina Paley (nina@ninapaley.com) needs a ride from SF to Sebastapol Friday. I haven't bought my plane ticket yet, so I'm flexible. Will be flying in from Chicago ORD. If anyone else is coming in from ORD, maybe we can coordinate. As a New Yorker, I don't have a driver's license so I can't drive, but can help with gas/rental fees.

- Pablo Defendini (pablo@defendini.com) needs a ride from SFO to Foo, too—my flight gets in from JFK at ~2PM. Naturally, I'm happy to chip in for gas/rental/etc, but can't drive (another license-less NYCer)

- Cathryn Posey (cathrynposey@gmail.com) Need a ride from SF or San Jose to Sebastapol Friday and back on Sunday. Will pitch in on gas, rental, etc as well!

- Toby Joe Boudreaux (tj@tobyjoe.com) Flying into SFO from JFK. Wheels down at 2:05PM. Hoping for a ride to O'Reilly or, if I take a car, I'll provide seats.

- Alexander Macgillivray (lawyer@gmail.com) needs a ride back to the Noe/Mission area on Sunday.

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