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Can you give one or more passengers a lift to Foo Camp? Please provide your name and contact info, plus your departure location and time. Keep an eye on Rides Wanted.

Available Rides

  • William Etundi Jr. – A spot just opened up in my vehicle. Leaving downtown San Francisco at 2pm today, returning Sunday. E-mail or text if you are needing: 917-449-4094.
  • Peter Collingridge – flying in from London to SFO on Virgin VS19, landing 13.25 on Friday, picking up a car and heading north straight away. Anyone wanting a lift not too far from 1 north @reply me on @gunzalis or SMS +44 7779 650989
  • Bradley Voytek – I live in Berkeley. My wife needs our car for the weekend to take care of our new baby so I was planning on renting a car for the weekend (maybe a convertible?) I know Sebastopol and that area very well. I'd be happy to pick people up from OAK Friday morning/afternoon also. If I get enough requests I'll rent a bigger vehicle. I plan on leaving Berkeley/Oakland at around 2pm.
  • Allen Downey – I am staying in Berkeley Thursday night, headed to Sebastopol around 1pm Friday, with a stop in Point Richmond to pick up a tent. I will have a rental car with three empty seats.
  • Peter Wang - I fly into San Jose at 12:10pm on Friday, and have a rental car. I plan on hitting one of the good ramen houses in the area, then driving straight up to Sebastopol. I fly back out of San Jose at 6:40pm on Sunday, and will time my departure from Sebastopol accordingly.
  • Mark Johnson - I live in SF and I will be leaving SF around 1ish on Friday. I have a convertible and the top will be down. 3 open seats, though I have a small trunk.
  • Jeff Casimir - Having lunch in Cupertino on Friday then headed to Sebastapol about 1:30. Headed back to SFO for a 10:50pm flight Sunday.
  • Andy Baio - I'm flying into Sonoma County Airport on Friday at 4pm, flying out Sunday at 2pm. I'm renting a car and can give up to three people a ride.
  • John Fritz - I'm leaving Los Gatos around 1:15 and near SFO around 2pm Friday. Have room for a couple of people and one bike.
  • Chester Ng - I'm leaving Palo Alto around 1:30 Friday and returning Sunday early afternoon. Have room for 1 more person comfortably, 2 people cozy.
  • Gary Bradski - I have a Van. Leaving Palo Alto 1:30 Friday and returning Sunday afternoon. Could probably take 4 or 5.

Claimed Rides

  • Damien Stolarz Driving from SF Friday afternoon about 3pm. Driving back to SF 3pm Sunday. I can probably take 2 passengers comfortably.
  • Alex Payne – Driving from SFO around 1 PM on Friday. Have room for two additional passengers. Returning to SFO as soon as camp wraps up on Sunday (3 PM).
  • Chuck Ha - I'm renting a car when I get to SFO, landing on Friday at about 12:30 and would like to leave soon after. I'll probably make a pit stop at a burrito joint. With camping gear, I probably can't fit more than 2 others in the smaller rental car.
  • Brian Fitzpatrick - I'm leaving SFO at noon on Friday for Sebastopol.
  • Ben Huh – SEA->SFO Friday at 2:12pm Arr. on Alaska Air 312. I'll have room for 2 ppl. If you bring me a cigar, you can ride shotgun.
  • Jon Bruner - Arriving at SFO on United from JFK at 2:15pm on Friday, renting a sober but capacious sedan with room for up to 3 passengers. Returning to SFO in time for a 4pm flight on Sunday afternoon.
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