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Global Constructor Set

  • Must give powers of production to local communities,
  • Open source CNC torch
  • Factory Farm in Missouri
  • Camping with powertools, high technology
  • Taking open source models into real production
  • Metric for success is how many people are using it
  • Are we reinventing the wheel? Yes. Open Sourcing the wheel.
  • Solar power as the basis of economy
  • Process is transparent, open for contribution
  • Communities that can do it themselves
  • Can't depend on geopolitical resources for things
  • Not opposed to trade, but what you can produce locally - you should
  • Seeding, not feeding - in a world where your hardware is centralized, your software will never be truly open

Random Notes

  • Balance this with urban slums, this is one part. Providing tools to see what people do with them.
  • What is the optimal community? 200 is an experiment Marcin can handle
  • Opt-in culture - when you CAN do it yourself, and everything is shared, you choose who you deal with.


  • Solarfire P32

End Points

  • Last a lifetime
  • Modularity
  • Transparency
  • Substitutability
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