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Suggestions/plots for fun in the wee hours (add +1 if you're interested):

My favorite youtube video - participants will show one video each - a night of video discovery . lot of fun is guarantied + dicussion : the power of sharing - why people are so pasionate to show video to their friends (yossi )

Werewolf [+ 1 from Avi Bryant, but I'd also love to try The Resistance, which sounds like an improvement over Werewolf in a few ways: ]

Talent Show (With possibly minimal talent required... think stupid human tricks, and a few smart ones) [+1 from Rachel Sklar, inveterate summer camper and talent show-er. Available to provide passable vocal backup and camp-counselor like encouragement.]

Prometheus Field Trip? We could all traipse out to see the much-anticipated sci-fi flick.

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