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Here's the list to date. Feel free to add your name and some information about yourself. For easier scanning, please keep the list in alphabetical order by last name.

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Pieter Abbeel

Professor in EECS at UC Berkeley -- Research in Robotics and Machine Learning -- Example Applications: Autonomous Helicopter Flight, Personal Robotics

Nadav Aharony

@nadavaha, +Nadav Aharony, MIT Media Lab PhD: "The Social fMRI - Measuring and Designing Social Mechanisms using Mobile Phones", Android Team at Google, human dynamics, mobile sensing, communication technologies, information security, privacy, mobile activism, open source,, Co-Founder at Behavio.

Stacey Aldrich

Hello. I am a librarian. Right now I am the State Librarian of California. I am very interested intersection of the human and tech role that libraries play in our changing turning globe. Can't wait to meet you all! @librarychica

Kimm Alfonso

@Kimmchi, Community Teams Program Manager at Etsy. Community. Collaborative economies. Creativity.

Tim Anderson

Andy Baio

@waxpancake, blogs at Working on XOXO, an arts & technology festival celebrating creative disruption, now the biggest event funded on Kickstarter. I made Playfic,, Kind of Bloop, and, write a weekly column for, worked on Expert Labs/ThinkUp, and helped build Kickstarter.

Laura Baldwin O'Reilly's Pres working to help O'Reilly help change the world.

Matt Bamberger

Bert Bates

Author, interesting in teaching better and learning better. Oh, and hot technologies.

Brian Behlendorf

Ilana Ben-Ari @IlanaBenAri I am a toy designer and social entrepreneur @21Toys designing toys as tools for the 21st-Century. I love all things co-working and co-living. I share a circus loft with 5 artists and performers in Montreal (Canada) and work part time at the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto (with over 400 social enterprises). I'm also a karaoke dj and a recovering hyphen addict. Talk to me about everything and anything, but especially anything education-revolution-and-play. (

Fred Benenson

Kickstarter Data Engineer, R / ggplot2 enthusiast, former copyright activist, rubiks cuber, semi-professional photographer, avid single speed cyclist. I've also taught both graduate and undergraduate classes at NYU and occasionally contribute to Wired magazine. @fredbenenson --blog

Joe Betts-Lacroix

Hacking our biology -- @bettslacroix

Jeff Bezanson

MIT grad student, co-creator of the programming language Julia. Interested in big data and easy-to-use supercomputing (though Julia is not specifically a "big data language"). Wants to take dynamic languages to a new level.

Matt Biddulph

@mattb co-founder of Dopplr, acquired by Nokia in 2009. Was Head of Data Strategy for Location & Commerce Apps at Nokia in Berlin, now freelancing in London on data-science projects and working on the next big thing. Hackdiary blog

Peter Bihr

@peterbihr, co-founder of Third Wave, a small strategy consultancy in Berlin. Also, co-organizer of events like Cognitive Cities Conference, Ignite Berlin, TEDxKreuzberg & atoms&bits Festival. Personal blog at

Gina Blaber

@ginablaber, VP of Conferences at O'Reilly. Currently focused on O'Reilly's new Strata Rx event, along with significant new elements of other O'Reilly events.

Meghan Blanchette

Zachary Bogue

@zackbogue - Co-founder and Managing Partner of Data Collective, @dcvc. Co-founder and Managing Partner of Founders Den, @FoundersDen. Longtime investor and advisor in Big, Medium and Medium-Well Data; environmentalist.

Greg Borenstein

@atduskgreg Artist, researcher, and teacher in NYC. I use movie visual effects techniques as an artistic medium and am obsessed with turning computer science research into creative tools for artists and designers Makematics. I wrote the Kinect book for O'Reilly and teach at NYU ITP. Also working on using the Kinect for automatic tracking of involuntary motion disorders GAGE Motion.

Toby Boudreaux

@tobyjoe is a partner and CTO at Control Group - a shop doing private, civic, and open-source tech projects. Heavy focus on design technology, R&D, and product creation. Also an O'Reilly author and FooCamp vet. Recent focus is on personal digital and physical signal processing for public and private good.

Catherine Bracy

@cbracy co-runs the Obama campaign's SF-based Tech Field Office. Grew up at the Berkman Center. Managed the Knight Foundation's 2011 News Challenge.

Kipp Bradford

@kippworks is Engineering Faculty at Brown University, fellow at Philadelphia University, visiting lecturer at RISD, and founder of industrial-strength open-source manufacturer kippkitts, LLC. Technical Advisor to Make Magazine, and also a black maker. Occasionally pressed into action as the Make Technical Editor too. I got laughed at for starting a manufacturing company in Rhode Island. Crazy? I'm afraid of spiders but not afraid of failure.

Gary Bradski

Gareth Branwyn

Gregg Brockway

@gbrockway was co-founder/ceo of TripIt (acquired last year), co-founder/product Hotwire (acquired in 2003). I'm currently recharging my batteries and thinking about identity, the internet of things and why travel is still so darn hard (can't help myself!).

Jennifer Brook

@jenniferbrook Independent maker of lovely things: mobile, books, systems. Teaches design @thenewschool. Previously @method_inc and @nytimes. Taking the summer off to travel in Asia.

Oliver Brooks

@cn_oli Valobox CompletelyNovel. Engineer, hacker, kitesurfer

Denis Browne

Jon Bruner

Data Editor at Forbes Magazine. I write about data, build visualizations and manage some of the databases that underlie our coverage of people, places and companies. @JonBruner

Avi Bryant

@avibryant Co-founder/CEO Dabble DB, acquired by Twitter. Built the data team for Twitter's ads group, now resting up before starting a new team at Etsy. Long-time Smalltalker and Rubyist and language implementation geek, newly interested in Hadoop & ML. Last Foo Camp was in 2006.

Michael Buchwald

Brett Butterfield

@brettb Founder/CEO Pixelpipe/ We provide services that allow for the free exchange of media & content accross web services. Liberate Your Media with!

Dalton Caldwell

@daltonc & blog. Currently: founder/CEO Formerly: founder/CEO imeem. 2nd Foo Camp :)

Gardner Campbell

Director of Professional Development & Innovative Initiatives in the Division of Learning Technologies, and an Associate Professor of English, at Virginia Tech. Blogging at Gardner Writes. Expressing my dreams and frustrations all over the Internet: a free sample of both can be found at "No Digital Facelifts: Thinking the Unthinkable about Open Educational Experiences". Long bio at the EDUCAUSE website.

Lesley Carmichael

@luxelife at Twitter. What's on my mind the most lately: speech technologies, scaling out to more languages and markets, tying my work to my values and broader vision, striving to be a better leader, women leaders in tech, organizational culture, Cabernet Franc. I'm a Senior Program Manager Lead at Microsoft, working on scalable data collection and machine learning with a great team.

Tim Carmody

@tcarmody at Twitter & Snarkmarket, a group blog with Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson. Currently a writer covering tech and media for The Verge. Formerly the same at Wired and before that, a college literature teacher. It's my first Foo Camp.

Marcel Cary

@marcelcary, ExpectNation conference software, Rails, offline web apps, new world vs. ancient heritage

Jeff Casimir

I'm @j3, the principal at Jumpstart Lab, and co-creator of Hungry Academy at LivingSocial in DC. Formerly a public school teacher and administrator, I'm working to bring more people into software development.

Seb Chan

@sebchan and Fresh & New. Recent migrant to NYC working as Director of Digital & Emerging Media at Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. Previously based in Sydney. I've been working at the pointy end of making museums, libraries and cultural institutions adapt and grow by opening their data, connecting their research, and creating participatory experiences. Also involved in Gov2.0 stuff and a not so secret parallel life in electronic music. This is my first FooCamp (although I did go to KiwiFoo).

Shelby Clark

Tom Coates

@tomcoates Just starting up Product Club. Ex R&D at the BBC, Ex-Head of Product, Yahoo Brickhouse. Also did Fire Eagle and worked at Time Out and helped out a few start-ups, like Lanyrd, Weathermob, Recollect and Massive Health. Used to have a blog. Cares about social software, web of data, mundane computing, network enabled objects, service design for physical objects and the like.

Peter Collingridge

@gunzalis London-based digital publishing entrepreneur (Enhanced Editions; Bookseer; Pottermore; Odyssey Editions) who made the switch to move to CA (and join Safari Books Online as VP Product) after a series of events begun at last year's FOO...

Patrick Collison

@patrickc. Founder/CEO Stripe. I like Lisp and Smalltalk.

Danese Cooper

Rafael Corrales

Gunnar Counselman

Alistair Croll

Andrew Crow

Experience Design Director at GE. Speaker, designer, strategist. Former VP of Experience and Mobile at Razorfish & lead designer at Adaptive Path. I like to poke things with sticks. Interested in discussing experience design, internet of things, and the industrial internet. Also, beer.
@andrewcrow. About Me 661-644-6111

Nick D'Aloisio

16 y/o Founder of Summly

Liza Daly

@liza. VP of Engineering at Safari Books Online. Co-founder of publishing tech startups Threepress & Ibis Reader. Enthusiast for new and old ways of telling stories.

Anil Dash

Web geek, cofounder of @thinkupapp & @activateinc, columnist in @wired, blogs at

Pablo Defendini

@pablod. Product Manager at Safari Books Online. Formerly of Open Road Media and Tor Books/ Designer and (print and e-)bookmaker with a soft spot for comics.

Rob DeMartin

Chris DiBona

Runs the open source and public sector teams at Google. G+ @cdibona on Twitter.

Renee DiResta

Dale Dougherty

Michael E Driscoll

@medriscoll blog - CEO @ Metamarkets. I ♥ Big Data, analytics, and visualization.

Allen Downey

Paul Duguid

Edd Dumbill

@edd +Edd Dumbill data, open source, wisdom, productivity. I chair Strata and OSCON at O'Reilly, where I'm a part of the Radar team. I blog at eddology and O'Reilly Radar.

David Eaves

@daeaves open data, open source, negotiation, community management & gov 2.0. I'm an independent writer/consultant involved advising several governments and businesses, involved in some start ups and open source communities. I blog at and TechPresident.

Jacob Ellenberg

Kellan Elliott-McCrea

William Etundi Jr.

Founder & CEO of Artists Wanted. I'm intensely curious about the intersection of culture / technology / theology and the three-hundred-year view. Previously, I was a founding member of and the guy behind TheDanger.

Keith Fahlgren

@abdelazer Food and digital publishing geek. Director of Engineering at Safari Books Online. Co-developed Ibis Reader, an offline-capable HTML5 ebook reader.

Rob Faludi

@faludi. Digi International's Collaborative Strategy Leader. XBee radio guru of sorts. Teacher at NYU ITP and SVA MFA Interaction Design. O'Reilly author. Talk to me about what makes a data feed great, or how to make a dry ice martini.

Merrill Ferguson

old hat startup human, automater of all things, director of technical operations @meetup occasional chatter @merrillbeth worker maker @artifactry

Dylan Field

Product Intern at Flipboard, 2012 Thiel Fellow.

Brian Fitzpatrick

Head of The Data Liberation Front and Transparency Engineering at Google. Opener of Source. Co-Founder of ORD Camp and resident Chicagophile. fitz on Google+ and @therealfitz on Twitter. 98% certain that Ben Huh is a werewolf.

Adam Flaherty

@adfm blogger, Foo Crew, flat-pack telepresence robots, solar mesh lighting, whisky tasting

Sean Follmer

Paul Ford

Friendly writer and programmer,, New York Magazine, various other outlets. Also @ftrain.

Brady Forrest

Pamela Fox

I like to code, to learn, and to teach. I worked in Google Developer Relations for 5 years, spent the last year mostly hacking on, and now I'm getting back into the world of teaching via GirlDevelopIt. Also love: crossfit, sidewalk chalk, (paleo) cooking, etymology, arts+crafts, playgrounds.

Ze Frank

Mark Frauenfelder

Edie Freedman

John Fritz

I’m usually found at the intersection of living Venn diagrams: between silicon designers and open source coders; scientists and business execs; Gringo’s and Latin Americans; and once, between a veterinarian and a really, really angry silverback gorilla. +JohnFritz, @johnfritz

Stuart Gannes


Lisa Gansky

Brian Gerkey

I like writing code for robots. Until very recently, I was Director of Open Source Development at Willow Garage. I'm currently setting up Open Source Robotics Foundation, Inc., an independent non-profit company doing robot software development.

Alex Gillespie

Associate Professor, University of Toronto; I work on medieval books and the impact, economic, social, and intellectual, of the shift to print; I also think a bit about 'reading' digital surrogates of (old) books, e.g., this project

Hjalmar Gislason

Founder and CEO, DataMarket / @hjalli @datamarket

Louise Glasgow

Producer, Maker Faire [1] - interested in collaborative work environments, multifunctional flow charts to streamline logistics and platforms that foster hands on learning and make more makers. And, of course, great conversations, laughter, good food and wine!

Ken Goldberg

UC Berkeley Prof -- Research in Robotics, Social Media, Art -- Cloud Robotics African Robotics Network and the upcoming "$10 Robot" Design Challenge,

Anthony Goldbloom

Kaggle Profile founder and CEO of Kaggle.

Adam Goldstein

@adamjgoldstein. Co-founder/CEO Hipmunk.

Micha Gorelick

Juliet Gorman

@julietgo, communications director at Etsy. I am interested in how to better measure the impact of the peer economy. Former NYT and PBS.

Daniel Goroff

@dgoroff Mathematician & Economist, former Harvard Prof & Harvey Mudd VP, former OSTP AD & Poincaré fanatic. Currently in the public goods business at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Chris Granger

CEO and Co-founder of Kodowa and creator of Light Table. @ibdknox on twitter and ibdknox on github. [2]

Hank Green

CEO of VidCon and DFTBA Records. Net 250 million views on YouTube through vlogbrothers, scishow, crashcourse, truthorfail, etc. Voted best dancer at Winter Park High School in 2002. @hankgreen. First Foo.

Lisa Green Director of Common Crawl Former Chief of Staff at Creative Commons. @boudicca.

Josh Greenberg

Program Director at the Sloan Foundation, focused on Data & Computational Research and Scholarly Communication. Formerly of NYPL, GMU's Center for History and New Media. Expert on history of video stores. @epistemographer, personal site left to seed.

Arwen Griffith

Corbett Griffith

Beach-bumming in Hawaii and boat-bumming in the Bay Area having spent my last 8 years building a product design company and engineering Public Sculpture. Instinct Engineering In the midst of a mini-retirement and looking for my next project.

Saul Griffith

Ned Gulley

@gulley Design Lead/Community Wrangler for MathWorks (Massachusetts). I'm interested in collaborative coding and getting engineers to tell stories to each other. See Cody the coding game, and the MATLAB Programming Contest. Second Google result for ten minutes. Personal Blog

Eric Gundersen

@ericg mapping w/ OSM @MapBox, co-founder of Development Seed.

Chuck Ha

I'm flying in from Somerville, MA for my first ever foo camp and am excited to have conversations about nature, technology, and when the two should be and should not be mixed. You can find me on the internet at @chuck_ha and my code at the githubs!

Jeff Hammerbacher

Kris Hammond

@whisperspace I do work on the automated generation of narratives from data. Mostly AI background with a more recent focus on journalism as well as issues of extracting and communicating insight from data. On leave from Northwestern University. Currently CTO of Narrative Science.

Hillary Hartley

@hillary +Hillary Hartley - early adopter, coworking, geek mom working to help government (,, + 25 more) understand and use emerging technology at NIC Inc. |

Clark Hartsock

Adam Harvey

@adamharv Privacy freak, photographer and artist. Creator of and anti-paparazzi clutch Flying from NYC

Marc Hedlund

@marcprecipice VP Engineering at Etsy. Recently organized Etsy's Hacker Grants program, with Hacker School, to help bring more women into Internet engineering jobs. Formerly co-founder of Wesabe and Popular Power. I've also worked at O'Reilly, Lucasfilm, and Organic. Privacy freak, just like Adam Harvey (we recruit); showing up from Brooklyn.

Mike Hendrickson

Marsee Henon

Bjoern Lasse Herrmann

Startup Genome Transforming the business world from gut driven to data driven

Bill Higgins

@BillHiggins I'm flying in from Research Triangle Park North Carolina and am looking forward to connecting some dots. I work at IBM and help lead our cloud computing technology, our alignment with the DevOps movement, and general innovation topics.

Colin Hill

Elizabeth Hochberg

@sheofdc Day job: lead counsel to,,,,, FedRAMP,, and @Mobile_Gov. Weekend job: concert pianist and teacher.

Linda Holliday

CEO and founder of Citia [3] -At the forefront of digital publishing. Follow @lmholliday and @gocitia [4]

Krisztina "Z" Holly

@krisztinaholly bio Former engineer and tech entrepreneur now heading up innovation at USC. Active in national policy and passionate about developing new models that replicate and scale. Curator and creator of first-ever TEDx event, TEDxUSC. Formerly founding director of MIT's Deshpande Center. My favorite things: backcountry skiing, mountain biking, hot spring hunting, and (most recently) skydiving. Always looking for "authentic" food recommendations in LA!

Pascal Honscher

Andrew Hoppin

@ahoppin; Managing Partner @ New Amsterdam Ideas: dedicated to driving open platforms and standards into the long-tail of government via Drupal, CiviCRM, and CKAN; Board of Directors at open civic platforms NGO OpenPlans; Pontifications on open platforms, open data and open government from a govgeek: GlobeHoppin; one of the remnant shards of my former life as a space geek: Moonfront

Bradley Horowitz

VP Product, Google+

Alexander Howard

Jeremy Howard

@jeremyphoward; Prez/Chief Scientist @ Kaggle; Founder FastMail (bought by Opera Software); Founder Optimal Decisions (bought by Lexis Nexis); #1 ranked Kaggle competitor 2010 & 2011; Perl and C# hacker; Ex-management consultant (McKinsey, AT Kearney), now nearly fully recovered; Lover of motorcycling and yoga, but not always at the same time; 我会说普通话;跟我谈一谈吧!

Jason Hoyt

@jasonHoyt, Co-founder/CEO of PeerJ a new academic journal, launching 12th June, that lets academics publish research for life at just $99. My co-founder is Pete Binfield, who previously ran the world's largest journal, PLoS ONE. In PeerJ, all research is peer-reviewed and freely available (Open Access) making it a stark contrast from the subscription model that puts research paid for by the public behind expensive pay-walls. Previously came from Mendeley where I was Chief Scientist. I received my Ph.D. in Genetics from Stanford University, where I researched gene & stem cell therapy. I like hoppy ales, music you don't like, and live in London, UK.

Chye-Ching Huang

@dashching Policy nerd. Think tank researcher at the Center on Budget. On leave law academic. Previously a commercial tax lawyer. New Zealander.

Jason Huggins

@hugs Teaching robots to play Angry Birds on an iPad. Top Google search result for "Steel cage knife fight". Challenging LEGO hegemony with lasers and open source building toys. Creator, Selenium web testing tool. Co-founder, CTO, Sauce Labs

Ben Huh

Sherry Huss

Jason Jacobs

Jennifer Jacobs

@jsquare website Artist/Coder. Researcher at the High Low Tech at the MIT Media Lab. Working on open-source programing methods for digital fabrication. Come code laser-cut lamps with me at Foo: codeableObjects

Mark Jacobsen

Narciso Jaramillo (NJ)

@notwebsafe. Interested in the intersection of design and development and tools for aiding the two. Started and currently working on Brackets at Adobe. Also play jazz piano (semi-competently) and Go (badly).

Dane Jasper

Brian Jepson, @bjepson | Senior Editor for O'Reilly Media (Make: Books), RI Mini Maker Faire co-organizer, Providence Geek Dinner co-host

Mark Johnson

CEO of Zite. Formerly of Bing through the Powerset acquisition. Twitter handle is @philosophygeek, 'cause I love philosophy.

Shanley Kane

Shel Kaphan

Michael Keating

@mbkeating: Founder of Scoot Networks - shared, networked, electric motorscooters for everyday urban mobility. I am bringing two of our scoots for you to ride and hack on. Formerly of OpenPlans, the open source civic/mobility/geospatial organization.

Lorelei Kelly @loreleikelly. Piloting Smart Congress at the Open Tech Institute of the New America Foundation. Goal is to re engineer the information system of the US Congress via distributed expertise and new institutional convening methods so we have a modern and evidence based legislature. M I am also national security wonk, blogger. Want world peace and am willing to wear a suit to get it! Live in DC. From Bay Area.

Brian Kennish

Cofounder and CEO of Disconnect. Maker of Facebook Disconnect, Collusion for Chrome, and Frictionless. Current obsessions are “little data”, data visualization, and personal analytics.

Sanders Kleinfeld

@sandersk Publishing Technology Engineer at O'Reilly, and author of HTML5 for Publishers. My main focus is on next-generation ebook development.

Steve Kolenda

Katie Kunde

Brigitte Kunde

Vivek Kundra

Kam Lasater

@seekayel: Co-Founder of SeeClickFix. I'm helping to start a maker space MakeHaven, doing some amateur farming Piro Farm and improving my sailing skills.

Bob Lee: @crazybob, CTO of Square

Elan Lee: Lead Game Designer for the Xbox, Founder of 42 Entertainment and Fourth Wall Studios [5] I like telling stories and finding new ways to tell them @elanlee

Steven Levy

Taylor Levy - co-founder of CW&T

Chris Lindland

Kati London

Ben Lorica

@BigData Chief Data Scientist, O'Reilly Media; math/stat/machine-learning; big data management tools; infoviz; developing world; finance; obscure data sources; signals intelligence

Mike Loukides

Radar @mikeloukides O'Reilly Media, Radar blogger; data, programming, piano. I hear there will be a piano this year...

Qi Lu

Bo Lu

Co-founder of FutureAdvisor, democratizing high quality investment advice for everyday people with software. Interested in HCI (where I worked as an undergrad) and chasing flying objects (I'll bring a frisbee).

Alexander Macgillivray

@amac, Bricoleur, currently Twitter, formerly Google. Father, lawyer, coder & baker.

Rune Madsen

@runemadsen, I like making art with computers. Teaching a graduate class at ITP on algorithmic graphic design. Former interactive developer for the NYTimes and currently freelancing on top secret projects for O'Reilly. Originally from Denmark. It's my first Foo camp.

Roger Magoulas

Carl Malamud

Keiichi Matsuda

Marissa Mayer

Andrew McAfee

@amcafee, Scientist at MIT. Trying to understand how the geeks are changing the business world, then explain it to the suits. Author of Enterprise 2.0 and co-author of Race Against the Machine. Currently interested in big data, 3D printing, robotics, AI and machine learning, and what role[s] human workers will play as technology continues to advance. Am bringing lots of questions and a frisbee to FOO.

Scott McGrew

@ScottMcGrew First time Foo Camper, enthusiastic maker, TechShop member, Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year host and terrible small airplane pilot who has a day job covering technology and entrepreneurship for NBC in the San Francisco Bay Area. Though I am a reporter, please talk to me - what happens at Foo stays at Foo.

Nellie Mckesson

Abhi Mehta

David Mellis

Kat Meyer

Steve Miller

Kyle Monson

Katie Mowat

Founder of Grannies, Inc., bringing granny-made knitwear to the people. Travelling from London for my 1st Foo Camp and very much looking forward to saying hello to California again (former UCSC CS student) @granniesinc If you want to learn to knit while at Foo Camp then come and speak to me!

Rod Mullen

Leilani Munter

Biology graduate turned race car driver and environmental activist. Driver of the first ever ocean awareness race car at Daytona, featuring the Academy Award winning documentary "The Cove." Doing my best to inspire 75 million race fans to rethink their day to day habits for our planet. Never underestimate a vegetarian hippie chick with a race car. Carbon Free Girl This is my 1st FOO Camp! @LeilaniMunter

Arvind Narayanan

Researcher at Stanford, hacker and occasional entrepreneur. I study data privacy, specializing in breaking data anonymization. Excited about Open Access, better collaboration tools, and other changes happening in science. @random_walker

Abhi Nemani

Chester Ng

@chest. Today: co-founder/CMO of SweetLabs, makers of Pokki. Yesterday: DivX,

Andrew Ng

Co-founder, Coursera, and Stanford CS prof. Free online education, ml-class, machine learning, AI.

Allen Noren

Peter Norvig

Director of Research, Google. Author of AI Textbook and co-teacher of online AI class.

Sarah Novotny

Tim O'Reilly

Meara O'Reilly

George Oates

Andrew Odewahn

Nina Paley

I made the animated feature film Sita Sings the Blues which I released under a Free Share-Alike license. I'm Artist-In-Residence at with whom I made Minute Memes, a series of short animations "reframing copyright one idea at a time." I'm working on a new feature, Seder-Masochism, and moving my focus from Fair Use and Free licensing to Civil Disobedience. I have a blog. This is my first Foo Camp!

EJ Park

I am an automata sculptor, curricula designer and mechanical engineer. The focus of my work is constructing self-operating sculptural mechanisms, which are often called "automata" for use as art and educational purposes.

John Park

I hosted Make: Television on Public Television and write for Make:. CG Supervisor at Disney. Author of Understanding 3D Animation Using Maya. I like to create things ranging from Arduino robots to homemade cocktail bitters. @johnedgarpark

Jay Parkinson

Pediatrician and Preventive Medicine specialist. I like rethinking what it means to go to the doctor and thinking up new ways to make healthcare more accessible, convenient, personal, and affordable.

DJ Patil

Preston Paull

Alex Payne

CTO of Simple. Formerly Platform Lead at Twitter. Co-author of Programming Scala (O'Reilly, 2009). Organizer of Emerging Languages Camp and programming language enthusiast. Online at @al3x and

Bel Pesce

@belpesce. Currently: Head of Biz Dev / Co-Founder Lemon. Formerly: Ooyala, Google, MSFT. Brazilian, MIT, Sandboxer, TED Fellow. 1st Foo Camp!

Laurie Petrycki

Publisher at O'Reilly Media. @lauriep Code, Hidden Internet Economy

Kathy Pettit

Co-director of the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership NNIP, social policy researcher at the Urban Institute, re-packager of federal data UI Data Repository

Charles Platt

Author of an introduction to electronics titled Make:Electronics published by O'Reilly; author of an upcoming Encyclopedia of Electronic Components (three volumes).

Cathryn Posey

Tech By Superwomen Founder, @catpoetry. Alaskan, just moved to the bay and joined the Adobe team! I love social tech and its ability to inspire, empower and connect.

Daniel Preston

Amanda Pustilnik

Dean Putney

@deanputney The Johnny Appleseed of weird awesomeness. Software developer for Boing Boing. Gifs. Ask to play my game.

Tony Quartarolo

Sam Ramji

Allison Randal

@allisonrandal Perl, Python, Debian, Ubuntu. Loving getting my hands dirty again in a startup. Studying astrophysics for fun.

Alexander Reben

My webpage
Engineer and artist studying people's relationships with technology Boxie the robot

Harper Reed

@harper - Obama for America CTO. Currently shipping.
Trying to not make news

Joshua Reich

Jen Robbins

@jenville Old school web designer (GNN in 1993); author of web design books for O'Reilly; currently Digital Product Designer for O'Reilly Media; interviewer of rock stars; I like to make things.

Jesse Robbins

Bryce Roberts Co-Founder/Managing Director at OATV


Paul Romer

Lior Ron

Neil Roseman

Matthew Rothenberg

@mroth, Head of Product at Bitly, previously at Flickr. Occasionally hacks on lulz-oriented nerdy side projects such as lolcommits. Recovering sneaker collector.

Rachel Roumeliotis

@rroumeliotis Editor at O'Reilly, looking to learn more about mobile development, Perl, PHP, Python, and Microsoft and love to talk great TV and sci-fi/fantasy novels

Andy Ruben

After 10 years at Walmart I've just left to start yerdle, with the very simple mission of making sharing with your friends as easy as buying online. At Walmart I led global strategy and then launched their sustainability efforts, and integrated with the stores. But the sustainability effort deeply affected me and I left because of the enormous opportunity to radically change the way we shop. The world just isn't changing fast enough. So here we go. We're heads down in development on yerdle now, building large-scale retail partnerships and preparing for a launch in the Fall. Check it out; recent video. Would love to talk about shopping, sharing and the evolving economy!

Laurel Ruma

@laurelatoreilly Director of Talent (speaker and author relations) at O'Reilly Media. Homebrewer, foodie, farmer in the city.

Dan Saffer

My website
Design, writing, ideas, consumer electronics, appliances, robots. Author of design books. Director of Interaction Design at Smart Design. First Time FOOer.

Andrew Savikas

David Sengeh

Justin Sheehy

@justinsheehy, CTO of Basho

HB Siegel

@twhb, CTO of IMDb Interested in 3D printing, improv, electronics, humor, story-telling, online communities, movies and television (of course), gaming.

Kathy Sierra

Zach Sims

Monique Sims

Linda Siniard

Rachel Sklar

@rachelsklar, Writer/social entrepreneur, co-founder Change The Ratio & keeper of; media columnist/founding editor HuffPo & Mediaite, keeping a toe in of late at Politico/Forbes/Mother Jones; advisor to early-stage startups (The Daily Muse,, Votizen, Vox Media, Honestly Now,; singer of showtunes; Canadian. Figured out how to code this bio by copy-pasting from Andy Baio. Figuring things out as I go.

Peter Skomoroch

@peteskomoroch My mission is to create intelligent systems that help people make better decisions. Principal Data Scientist at LinkedIn & creator of LinkedIn Skills. Addicted to hard problems. Interested in news, robotics, neuroscience, & behavior. Blog at

Brett Slatkin

@haxor Co-founder, Engineering lead of Google Consumer Surveys. Formerly engineer on App Engine. Co-creator of the PubSubHubbub protocol. My content lives at

Mac Slocum

Randy Smerik

Hi! Serial entrepreneur: Teradata (database), iPivot (networking equipment & security), Tarari (deep packet inspection silicon and software) and more like mobile apps and location based services. --- Angel investor (very active). --- TEQUILA! --- Restaurants with Pizza Patron pizza chain and Solare Italian ristorante. --- MUSIC! Trusting Havoc. --- Happy.

Carol Smith

Julien Smith

@julien a cool page about me post-religious institutions, the future of books, intermittent fasting

Megan Smith

SolveforX google, mit / mit media lab, planetout, general magic, apple japan, chautauqua ny

Steve Souders

speed geek, open source hacker, father, Google, Velocity, author, YSlow, HTTP Archive, @souders

Jake Spurlock

@whyisjake personal site work site MAKE, Maker Faire, WordPress, lover, and sleeper agent.

Simon St. Laurent

@simonstl Senior Editor at O'Reilly Media, Inc. Longtime web guy, interested in HTML5, JavaScript, woodwork, local politics.

Gavin Starks

@agentGav about science, music, ships

Julie Steele

Jim Stogdill

@jstogdill • Work: Recent big systems integrator refugee, now O'Reilly Radar chief antenna tuner. @ O'Reilly Radar. I like to make pictures.

Damien Stolarz

@damienstolarz • Work: Aggregating Tech Patents @ RPX Corp. Currently I starve patent trolls for a living.

Linda Stone

Aaron Straup Cope

@thisisaaronland and thisisaaronland - senior engineer (Internets and the Computers) at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. Before that, senior engineer at Flickr (for like a thousand years) responsible for all things geo, machinetag and galleries related. In between Director of Inappropriate Project Names (and design technologist) at Stamen Design responsible for the prettymaps and map=yes projects. Determined to make Tom Coates embrace the term "smobject". Also, Parallel Flickr, building=yes and the Spinny Bar Historical Society.

Vic Strecher

[6] professor at University of Michigan. [7] founder of UM Center for Health Communications Research. founder of HealthMedia, Inc. [8] working on graphic novel on finding a life purpose. love history and philosophy of science, skiing, travel, learning to kite board (still suck)

Kara Swisher

Scott Switzer

@scottswitzer co-founder of Jirafe Deciding on whether to ride a bike to Foocamp from SF this year!

Halle Tecco

@halletecco founder of Rock Health and Yoga Bear

Jack Templin

@JackTemplin CEO of @Lockify, Partner at @Betaspring, and Co-Host of @ProvidenceGeeks

Kaitlin Thaney

@kaythaney; head of partnerships for Digital Science, a tech company designing tools and incubating start-ups serving the scientific research community; former manager of the science wing at Creative Commons; co-chair of Strata Conf in London; co-organiser of Science Foo Camp; and as of late, can be found advising the UK government on digital infrastructure and data-intensive research.

Tim Thompson

@nosuchtim; Software engineer, musician, and installation artist. Grew up with Unix at Bell Labs, and growing as an artist at Burning Man, creating interactive instruments like a 12' high lyre and an 11' high monolith. Most recent creation is Space Palette, a musical and visual instrument using the Kinect. Home page at

Jer Thorp

Nat Torkington

Gina Trapani

@ginatrapani; open source coder working on ThinkUp and Todo.txt apps, Lifehacker founding editor.

Joey Trevino

Shalini Vajjhala

Diederik Van Liere

Liberates data at Wikipedia (product manager analytics) @dvanliere, loves data in all shapes and forms.

Yossi Vardi

Early internet investor (icq,, others ), israel ,sweet spot: ,consumer facing, viral distribution first investment. follower of the foocamp format

Chloe Veltman, @chloeveltman; arts journalist and producer/host of VoiceBox, weekly syndicated public radio series and podcast about the human voice., @voicebox_media

Bret Victor

@worrydream, Trying to make your abstractions visible.

Karl von Randow

@avon; lead developer of Camera+ for iPhone, developer of Charles Proxy, co-founder of Cactuslab and - a startup social website for sharing opinions about film.

Bradley Voytek

@bradleyvoytekZombie brain expert • Neuroscientist studying cognitive brain machine interfaces, cognitive enhancement, neuroplasticity • Automated science researcher and brainSCANr co-creator • Uber data scientist and "big data" tinkerer • Science outreach advocate and AAAS Early Career Award for Public Engagement with Science finalist • Husband and dad

Ariel Waldman

Space exploration, science hacker, interaction design, web citizen. Creator of and global instigator of Science Hack Day. Always collaborating with different industries/disciplines in search of massively exciting projects. More about me at or follow @arielwaldman.

Peter Wang

@pwang Co-founder of Continuum Analytics, working on liberating data with Python and empowering scientists & statisticians with interactive visualization. Background in physics, computer graphics. Interested in almost everything except spectator sports. Not actually an intellectual dilettante, I just like to use the prefix "meta" a lot.

Pete Warden

Simon Wardley

Matt Webb

Kevin Weil

@kevinweil Lead revenue products at Twitter, ultra marathon runner and cyclist, Chief Paper Cutter to @elizabeth. Anyone wanna do some crossfit one morning?

Elizabeth Weil

@elizabeth • Work: Culture & Design at Twitter. • Play: Ultra-marathon runner. • Work & Play: Letterpress printer, founder, designer Paperwheel Press & @paperwheel. • One take on this intersection: Paperwheel WSJ article.

Hadley Wickham

Eric Wilhelm

Founder of Instuctables, which was acquired by Autodesk; now director of communities for Autodesk. Kitesurfer, ultra-marathoner. Follows an ancestral diet, but cooks it sous vide.

Sara Winge

@sarawinge VP, Radar at O'Reilly, Foo Camp instigator. Curiouser and curiouser.

Adam Witwer

@adamwitwer Director, Publishing Technology. Publishing tools (traditional and not so much), the future of the book, typography, gaming.

Jenna Wortham

Lorraine Yurshansky

@RunLoRun Producer and Frequent Collaborator at Google Creative Lab.

Joe Zadeh

@joebot Leads Product at Airbnb. Former research scientist in DNA computing. Music nut.

Matei Zaharia

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