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We don't have a strict policy about blogging or tweeting Foo Camp. We rely on your courtesy and good sense, and operate under what's been called frieNDA. We expect that if someone tells you something in confidence, that you will respect that confidence as if it were told to you under NDA. Much of the free interchange that happens at Foo comes from people's confidence that they can tell each other things off the record. Please respect any request for privacy.

Past Campers have usually been so immersed in all that's going on that they've blogged and tweeted lightly, if at all. Face-to-face with full attention really is a lot more fun! If you do blog, we'd prefer that you write about Foo Camp as a participant, not a reporter, and focus on your own experience of the weekend.

We'd rather not have the sessions recorded or live-blogged. We want to encourage frank and spontaneous conversation, and the idea that someone is recording can act as an inhibitor. If you want to do a detailed writeup on a presentation you attended, check with the presenter, or in the case of a discussion, the participants. That being said, many sessions benefit from someone taking notes and putting up the results on the wiki. So the point is really just to use discretion and respect your fellow Campers.

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